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Poppin' Popcorn

We are excited to again have our Poppin Popcorn fundraiser!!!  It is easy and delicious!!!

If you did not opt out of the fundraiser for Eastlake Baseball League, you must set up your “Seller Account” by following these instructions:

When you have created your "Seller Account", you will be given a link to share with your family and friends; they will be able to purchase delicious Poppin' Popcorn under your account until May 3, and it will ship directly to them!  The goal is to sell $60.00 per player and rewards are earned if you sell more than the required amount!  The highest seller will even receive a special reward on Opening Day!

*** If a Seller Account is not set up or nothing is sold by May 3, the League will charge a $30 Fundraiser Buyout Fee which must be paid before a uniform will be distributed.  We prefer not to do this, but the League depends on the funds generated by either the Fundraiser Buyout Fee or the Fundraiser itself. ***


Setting Up Your Seller Account

You will need to create a Seller Account before you can participate in the fundraiser.  The steps below will walk you through the best practices for creating your Seller Account:

  1. Click
  2. The "Seller's First Name" and "Seller's Last Name" should be the same as used during registration; if you have two or more players registered, fill the fields with all of their names.  This will make it easier for the League to track who sold how much.
  3. The "$ Goal" amount should be at least "60" for one player or "120" for two or more; if you would like to set the goal higher, all proceeds support the League, including additional field renovation and equipment replacement.
  4. The "Seller or Parent's Email" should be the same as the email used for registration.
  5. The password should ideally be a strong password that is not reused from another website.
  6. You may upload a photo of the player or players, if you would like.
  7. Click Next
    1. Then next page will say “Thank you for Registering” and will give you YOUR SELLER ID: ######
    2. The "Seller ID" is a six digit number that you will use as your Login Username

Logging In

When you have created your account, you can log in at any time using the steps below to check on your progress or share your link!

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your dashboard with your SELLER ID (Username) and your PASSWORD.
    1. The screen shot below shows what your dashboard will look like
    2. You can shop for some delicious popcorn, share your sale, see your progress towards your goal, see who has bought popcorn (so you can thank them!), and see the progress of the group!


How to Share Your Link

You can now share your link with your family and friends!

  1. Log in to your Seller Account
  2. Click the "Email Friends & Family" button and add their email addresses.
  3. Click any of the Social Media icons and add a custom message to post it!
  4. Click the "Text Friends & Family" button, while on a mobile device, and add their phone numbers.
  5. Click the "Share QR Code" to generate a QR code that will link directly to your sale!
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